Associated infrastructure — AK SU KMG
Associated infrastructure

The plant requires appropriate infrastructure such as a gas pipeline, road and patrol roads, power lines, FOL, etc.

Electrotechnical solutions

Power supply of the desalination plant is provided under the I category on power supply reliability.

The supply voltage for the desalination plant and the pump station of the third lift is adopted 110 kV.

The length of all lines of 110 kV is 91.6 km.

Communication and alarm systems.
The Desalination Plant provides a set of technical means (subsystems) of wired communication and signalling, which will provide in-plant telephone communication, long-distance and international communication, loudspeaker and sound broadcasting, as well as fire and burglar alarm facilities.

Automatic Process Management System.
The main task of automation of production process of seawater desalination plant is transformation технологического объекта в структуру автоматизированных производственных звеньев, работающих в заданном режиме под оперативным контролем дежурного персонала.

External and internal roads are provided for the maintenance of facilities. Taking into account the functional purpose and the nature of the development, in accordance with the requirements of the Building code of RK 3.03-09-2006, SP&P 2.05.07-91* roads are divided into patrol, inter-layer and in-area roads.

Gas supply
The gas supply is designed for the operation of the modular boiler house (BMH). The supply of natural gas will be provided from the corresponding main gas pipeline.