Public hearing information — AK SU KMG
Public hearing information

«Unity of the people and systemic reforms» of the head of State dated September 1, 2021 – in order to implement paragraph 67 of the National Action Plan within the framework of the address to the people of Kazakhstan» a solid foundation for the prosperity of the country «and in accordance with the requirements of Article 96 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on September 20, 2023 in the village of Kuryk, Karakiyansky District of Mangistau region and in the village of Kendirli under the Zhanaozen city administration» on the Land of Tokymak, Mangistau region, Public hearings were held on the Working Project» construction of Engineering and communication infrastructure facilities» of the investment project «construction of a seawater desalination plant at the location of the recreation area» Kendirli».

The public hearing was attended by representatives of the akimat of Karakiyansky district and Zhanaozen, a representative of the Department of Natural Resources and environmental management of Mangistau region, the management of «AK Su KMG» LLP, representatives of Kaznipimunaygas and local residents.

O. Ayapov, deputy CEO for production of «AK Su KMG» LLP, presented general information about the project to the public hearing and noted the great contribution of the project to solving the shortage of drinking water in the city of Zhanaozen and adjacent settlements.

Representatives of the Akimats of Karakiyansky district and Zhanaozen, as well as the local population, who took part in the public hearing, expressed confidence and support for the project.