International Tender — AK SU KMG
International Tender

Ak Su KMG LLP announces the upcoming 1st event (pre-qualification) of the international tender for the selection of an EPC contractor for the Sea Water Desalination Plant project in Kenderly.

Country: Republic of Kazakhstan

Customer: «Ak Su KMG» LLP

Project: Construction of a sea water desalination plant at the location: Mangistau region, in the Tokymak area, the Kenderli recreation area, with a capacity of 50,000 m³ / day (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”)

Brief description of the Project: Ak Su KMG LLP, acting as the Customer, plans to implement a project for the construction of a sea water desalination plant at the location: Mangistau region, in the Tokymak area, Kenderli recreation area, with a capacity of 50,000 m³ / day. Financing of the Project implementation is assumed by the Eurasian Development Bank.

The main objectives for the Project are:

  • — solution of water supply problems for the population and enterprises of Zhanaozen;
  • — reducing the financial and technical burden on the main water pipeline Astrakhan-Mangyshlak;
  • — reducing the existing water shortage, as well as reducing the burden on the social security of the Mangistau region;
  • — improving the quality and standard of living of the population of Zhanaozen and adjacent areas.

In accordance with the urgency and priority of need, the Project will be implemented using a “fast track” approach to bring the facility into operation by the end of 2024.

Prequalification Scope: 50,000 m³/day Seawater Desalination Plant excluding interfacing utilities and infrastructure works for water, electricity, gas supply and access roads .

Prequalification start date: 25.08.2022 (09:00 am Nur-Sultan time).

Closing date for applications for prequalification: 10.10.2022 (17:00 pm Nur-Sultan time).

The objective of the Prequalification : Consideration and selection of submitted applications from interested and qualified EPC contractors for the implementation of the design, equipment procurement and construction of a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 50,000 m3 / day to determine a short list of potential EPC contractors for final participation in the 2nd stage of the competition, which is expected to be announced during the first quarter of 2023.

It is expected that Companies participated in the Pre-qualification, should have experience in the design and implementation of seawater reverse osmosis technology of comparable capacity.

В Further, the pre-qualified Participants, in Stage 2 of the Tender, shall join efforts with companies who have design and construction license required for the implementation of the Project (except if they already have such) and received in accordance with laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The prequalification process will be in line with international practice and the procurement policies and requirements of the possible lenders, in the current case, the Eurasian Development Bank and will be open to all eligible bidders as defined in the applicable guidelines. (Eurasia Development Bank’s Project Procurement Policy (

Interested eligible Participants may collect the prequalification documents from “Sharepoint” website starting at 09:00 am by 25 August 2022 (Nur-Sultan time). For the purpose of accessing the prequalification documents, it is mandatory for interested Participants to send access request to:

Participant shall include the information as below:
Project: «Seawater Desalination Plant» in Kenderli;
Company name;
Name & Surname, Position;
E-mail address;
Mobile telephone;
Company Telephone.

Each Participant shall assign one representative to request such permission. Two representatives representing same legal entity are not allowed to request permission to storage area.

A private link to storage area including Username and a Password will be sent to each Participant to access the prequalification documents.

Participant either shall copy the link to the internet browser or click on the link to access the storage area. Following that the link will lead to website. The Participant will be asked to enter the assigned Username and Password in order to access the storage area. After the verification process, Participant will be allowed to access the designated storage area.

There will be a file named “PQ Documents”. Participant needs to download that file into its hardware.

It is kindly reminded that it is each participant responsibility not to share the Username and Password with any other person and / or company due to security reasons.

After 17:00 hours (Nur-Sultan time) 10.10.2022 access to the Platform for obtaining documentation for prequalification will be closed.

For any questions about the competition, please email