Main waterway — AK SU KMG
Main waterway

Drinking water of drinking quality for consumers of t. Zhanaozen will be transported by main water supply with a conditional diameter of 600 mm. It is envisaged to lay two parallel lines of water supply, with chambers of cut-off valves throughout the route.

The total length of the waterway route is 104.6 km, including from the 2nd lift to the 3rd lift 41.8 km and from the 3rd rise to the city of Zhanaozen. 62.8 km.

Intersection of main water supply with communications

At crossings through railways and roads, the water conduit is laid in a protective case with a diameter of 820x12 mm with the tip of the ends at a distance of at least 2 meters from the bottom of the embankment. The lowering of sections of the pipeline, laid under w/d and roads, shall be taken at least 1.5 meters from the surface of the road surface to the upper forming protective case, the method of laying will be punctured.

When intersecting with an existing electrical or telecommunication cable, the water conduit is laid below the existing cable, and the cable is enclosed in a 108x5 mm, 6 meters long case.