Compliance — AK SU KMG



Dear colleagues, friends and partners!

«Ak Su KMG» LLP (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is convinced that one of the most important conditions for sustainable business development is strict compliance with the legislation regulating relations in the field of anti-corruption and declares categorical rejection of dishonest and illegal ways of doing business, and also voluntarily assumes additional obligations in the field of prevention and prevention corruption recommended by Kazakh, foreign and international bodies and organizations. 

CORRUPTION is a threat to any company and the state as a whole. It decomposes the business environment and can affect the image of the Company, as well as the trust of all stakeholders, participants, employees and business partners. 

The Company has identified a responsible person performing the functions of the anti–corruption compliance service, whose task is to ensure compliance in the Company and its employees with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption. 

Internal documents regulating anti-corruption issues have been adopted. Each employee of the Company, when performing their work functions and making decisions, is guided by internal documents on anti-corruption issues.  

The Company deeply appreciates the contribution of its employees to the overall success, and thanks them for their commitment to the core values in the fight against corruption, and in achieving strategic objectives.           Commitment and compliance with compliance requirements is the responsibility of every employee of the Company.