Risk management — AK SU KMG

Risk management

Risk management

      Determination of the person responsible for the compliance function: 

  • Assessment of compliance risks:
  • determination of the business processes of «Ak Su KMG» LLP (hereinafter referred to as the Company) most susceptible to corruption;  description of possible corruption offenses and development of measures to minimize them; 
  • risk assessment, its impact on the Company’s processes and the likelihood of its occurrence.

      Compliance risk management:

  • identification of existing compliance risk controls;
  • assessment of the effectiveness of existing compliance risk control;
  •   calculation of residual risk and determination of control procedures; formation of an action plan to minimize compliance risk; 


  • conducting seminars, training sessions to improve the legal culture and standards of employee behavior.

     Internal audit:  

  • audit of the effectiveness of accepted programs in the Company.