Hotline — AK SU KMG



«As a rule, the persons who first become aware of the alleged violations are employees of the Company»

If you become aware of violations of anti-corruption legislation, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations, you can report them via the Hotline.


Appeals can be provided by all persons through the following communication channels:

• by phone number 8 800 080 47. (The call is free on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan);or:

• by email:; 

• through the Internet portal: www.@sk-hotline .kz; 

• via WhatsApp Messenger with the number: +7 771 191 8816 .

• The hotline operates around the clock seven days a week in «24/7» mode and is serviced by an independent operator, KPMG.

• We guarantee confidentiality, anonymity and consideration of 100% of requests.