Frequently Asked Questions — AK SU KMG

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to send a message via the «hotline»?

The message can be submitted in the most convenient way for you:

• by phone number 8 800 080 4747. (The call is free on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan);or:

• by email:; 

• through the Internet portal: www.@sk-hotline .kz; 

• via WhatsApp Messenger with the number: +7 771 191 8816 

What is the «Hotline» for?   

The Hotline gives you the opportunity to confidentially declare facts of corruption and other violations of the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan by employees of companies known to you.  

Who processes the messages coming through the Hotline?    

  To ensure the confidentiality and completeness of the information received, the messages received via the Hotline are processed by an external independent company.      

 All messages received by the «Hotline» in relation to the company are consolidated and sent to the Compliance Service of NC KMG JSC, followed by informing the responsible compliance officer of 

«Ak Su KMG» LLP. All received information is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.